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Project meetlogindex serves for the purpose of adding new meeting log entries to the wiki page (index of meeting logs).

Say you have a regular meeting and store the zogbot meeting logs on one wiki page (index), so it is easily accessible. Then you need to update the wiki page after every meeting, which is too much manual work. The meetlogindex can help, because it goes through the last zogbot meeting logs and updates the wiki page for you.

The configuration below defines:

  • id of the entry -- just pick a name matching [a-z-]+
  • regexp for meeting rooms (fedora-meeting(-[1-5])? is usually used)
  • regexp for meeting name (yeah, meetlogindex need to distinguish your meeting between the others)
  • wikipage is where the index is placed (and where the link to the last log entry will be added).

Config definition for the meetlogindex tool:

Entry ID regexp for meeting rooms regexp for meeting name wikipage where store the result (log index)
env-and-stack fedora-meeting(-[1-5])? env(ironment)?([-_])?and([-_])?stack(s)? Env_and_Stacks/Meeting_Logs
fesco fedora-meeting(-5)? fesco(s)? User:Hhorak/draft/meeting-logs-fesco