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Jaspalsinh A. Chauhan


About Me

Hello there,
I am Jaspalsinh (JC), i am pursuing my Master in Computer Application from North Gujarat University. More - the better. People around the world of hetrogenous technological culture get narrowed to one place with the passion to give things open(The Freedom). Dive into the code and crack something better everytime. The true spirit of being "Open Source" lighten in heart of Fedora. One of the most popular, effecient and powerful Linux Distribution which grounds its roots from RedHat desktop Linux.

Joining my hand with them, i am happy to contribute to the same. You can find me on the Ladder of - Fedora Free Media Program in India

Present & Future is Open !!

My Goals

Want to spread & distribute Linux (Fedora) to every type of user in place around me !!
Convey the message of Open Source within the people and answer their question " Why should everyone use Fedora? "
Provide basic training and guidance for using Fedora for their personal use and explain Technical students on how they can use fedora for developement purpose too.

With Fedora

Distributor For The Free Media Program India Fedora Ambassador For India

Contact Information

For Gujarat
Contact : +919879478873
Email :

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