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This page lists the available meeting times for Ian. Note that I am not guaranteed to be available during a specific time but that generally I am available for Fedora-related meetings during these time ranges.

Last updated: 21:45, 24 February 2009 (UTC)

Central Time (USA)[1] Generalized UTC time[2]
Mon 15:00–22:00[3] Mon 21:00–Tue 03:00
Tue 15:00–18:00 Tue 21:00–23:00
Wed 16:00–22:00 Wed 22:00–Thu 03:00
Thu 15:00–18:00 Thu 21:00–23:00
Fri 15:00–Sat 00:00[4] Fri 21:00–Sat 05:00
Sat 10:00–Sun 00:00[4] Sat 16:00–Sun 05:00
Sun 10:00–Sun 22:00 Sun 16:00–Mon 03:00
  1. Regardless of Daylight Savings Time
  2. Because of Daylight Savings Time, I've used what I call "Generalized UTC time" to describe a time range that will always fit in the original Central time range whether DST is currently happening or not. To convert from CT to GUTC, I add six hours to the start time, and five hours to the end time.
  3. Sometimes I have Forensics work nights. Those are later in this time slot.
  4. 4.0 4.1 Extracurricular activities often get in the way of this. Plus, I sometimes have a life outside Fedora.