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Project description: to update the logo usage guidelines to stay consistent across all the multiple logos we now use (Fedora, FUDCon, the four foundations, and Remixes).

The forerunner of this is Ian Weller. These changes will, of course, need to be approved by Máirín Duffy.

A draft is available at User:Ianweller/Logo usage guidelines draft.

Proposed changes

  • The concept of "recommended clear space" will be removed. Nobody really cares about it. We will just use "required clear space".
  • Merge the Remix color palette into the Foundations color palette and call the end result "secondary colors".

Proposed additions

  • We don't care about only the Fedora logo anymore. We have all sorts of fun things to keep track of, and all of these need to have specific guidelines to prevent brand dissolution.
  • Add a tertiary font, Droid Sans. For use when MgOpen Modata isn't necessarily the most sane idea (i.e., contact information on business cards or when MgOpen doesn't support the required character set).

Other somewhat vital things

  • Deprecate the Graphic Standards Manual that is floating around. It's wrong. Find a way to render the wiki page as a PDF and include this in fedora-logos.tar.gz.
    • We should also include instructions for using the SVGs with many different applications (Inkscape, the GIMP, Scribus, and maybe non-free software?)
  • Update fedora-logos.tar.gz to contain all the necessary logos with correct colors and clear space. Done on my local machine, Máirín also has a copy. --Ian Weller 16:58, 4 June 2010 (UTC)
  • Codify the terms for redistribution, etc. Talk to spot about this.