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Personal Info

Name: Iain Arnell

Location/Timezone: Europe/Amsterdam (CET)

Active Member of Fedora for: 2 years

Fedora Interests: Perl, packaging

Hours per week promised: 4


Programming Languages: Proficient in Perl and Java; can cope with many others: C, PHP, Python, Ruby, etc.


How long using Fedora: Since Red Hat 5 (1998)

How long using Linux: Since Slackware 2 (1994)

Do you have a full time job working on or with Linux: yes

Do you have a full time job doing development: yes

Technology Specialties: Build infrastructure - I maintain private instances of koji and opensuse buildservice at $WORK.

Other notable experiences and skills: If something's broken, I can usually figure out why.

Current Access

What access do you currently have in Fedora? proven packager

What personal resources do you have that could be of use? Not much of my own, I'm afraid.