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Bambang Ismono

I am a freelance programmer from Bandung - Indonesia, and at the moment, I currently active as a member of a local community at Forum Komunitas Fedora Indonesia and help other users using Fedora, and I also volunteer as a content writer at Fedora Indonesia website.

I've been using linux since RedHat Linux 6.2. After RedHat Linux 9, I switched into Fedora Core 3 since 2004. Since then, I spread Fedora to my friends.


Name: Bambang Ismono Bambang Ismono.jpg
Birthday: 25th February 1968
City: Bandung
Region: Jawa Barat
Country: Indonesia
Fedora account: ibenk68th

Plans with Fedora

  • Spread about Fedora, at least around my country
  • Help other users on using Fedora, especially in my country
  • Create a Fedora Free Media Program with other member from my country and distribute them
  • Introduce Fedora to a student from an elementary school, and hopefully become one of suggested OS among other open source OS in the curriculum
  • To promote Fedora community and Open Source projects