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Igor Gonçalves

About me

Hey! I'm a brazilian web developer, borned in a little city named "Salgado" with just 19 thousand inhabitants. I get envolved to tech area since 2008, in a course about C lang for programming competitons. Since then i loved the community and the power of technology have to change lifes. The sense of contributin engage me to make new softwares and speakers about freedom and sharing. Fedora user since 2014, advocate to friends and communities to free yours computers.

Now, i'm envolved in Mozilla community, translating MDN pages and speking about privacy and Fake news. In 2019, my plans is start a Open Source Club in my university, Universidade Federal de Sergipe - UFS.

Contributing to Fedora Project

I want contribute to Fedora Project how advocate to open source, free software and creative commons. Engageing people and community in the free software issues, doing speakings, events, courses and campaings with my Open Source Club.