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Ilias Stamatis
Ilias Stamatis
Personal Information
Home: Thessaloniki, Greece
Time zone: UTC+2 / UTC+3
Contact Information
FAS name: ilias95
Personal email:
IRC nick: Ilias95
IRC channels: #fedora-python #fedora-devel

My name is Ilias Stamatis and I am a CS student in my final (4th) year at the Alexander Technological Institution of Thessaloniki, Greece.

I am a FOSS enthusiast and I have been actively contributing to the open source community for the last several years.

I have been using Linux for the last 7 years. I started with Ubuntu and then moved to Arch where I have stayed for 5 years now. In the meantime I am experimenting with a lot of different distributions. I am new to Fedora, but I quickly set up my working environment on it and read Fedora-specific topics from the official documentation and the wiki pages. I'm here to stay!

Multilingual in Greek (Native), English (Fluent) and Spanish (Conversational).

The majority of my personal open source projects can be found on my github profile: