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Jishnu Chatterjee
Jishnu Chatterjee
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Home: Kolkata, India
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FAS-Name: j4jishnu
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Hello Dear Friends. Let me introduce my humble self as a regular user of Free and Open Source Software and a community member of SaaS. The FEDORA PROJECT has beckoned me since I had a rendezvous with Unix. My field of interests are Linux Distributions and OS Level Virtualization. With a community of growing Linux users around me, it feels nice to be sharing my user experiences and knowledge on FEDORA. I am here to help and organize the Fedora Project for optimum exploitation of resources available and thereby perform as effectively as possible for the growth and prosperity of the mission through managerial ethics. Visit the Wikipedia page on Fedora to know more. Find me spreading Open Source OS at (Lili_Linux). I am a Public Servant and also teach Computers to Under and Post Graduate students inn Kolkata.

Myself on the Internet

Future plans

  • Enhance Fedora´s presence in underrepresented Regions.
  • On a longterm, turn more and more of the white spaces on the world map into blue
  • Improve the Membership and regional Mentoring Process
  • Establish better Regional Leadership
  • Establish measurably not only for Membership also for Success of Events
  • Establish liasons to other sub-projects - especially to marketing, artwork and docs!
  • Invent new ways to encourage people to contribute to the Fedora Project


Courtsy and compassion arn't old fashioned phrases to my apprehension, they're rather a agentleman's code. I prefer sports, good food, poetry and mental stimulation. I believe in shooting straight, higher than u can visuslize - past those stars - the heartfelt land where dreams are born. I contemplate with both body and soul..

My eloquency is as undeviating as my zodiac's quiver pieces. When exasperated, I smite down cavities through concrete. But if one ever ventures facing my fidelity and get prepared to comprehend that I'm still there, instead of chasing deceptive rumors today, it surely paves an unimpaired permanance in agape..

So, do dare dream to win... I'm on planet to give my comrades all those captivaing dreams I can station into ur heart. Have u ever looked at ur casement-side gulmohars? Just peep beyond those . Did u ever in ur entire existence experience such a debonair? I foster u meet ur lost illusions ane retain a righteous faith in all ur fantasies. Well, u don't have any? Borrow some of mine. I do have plenty to spare. And if u believe in those half as I do in urs, we can barbecue some miracles together..

Awards & Certifications

  • ICSE [2003]
  • ISC [2005]
  • B. Com [H] [2008]
  • M. Com [NSOU]
  • M. A. Economics
  • M. B. A. Finance
  • DOEACC O Level
  • DOEACC A Level
  • PGDHN [JU]
  • R H C E
  • MCSA [Global]
  • MCTS [Global]
  • MCITP [Global]
  • RHCE [CMS]
  • MCSE [CMS]

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Fedora Sub-Projects For Contributors

Echo-package-48px.png Fedora Packaging
Packaging programs for distribution through yum
Echo-gnome-dev-cdrom-48px.png Fedora Live CD
Produces Live CDs for easier testing and installation
Echo-helpbook-48px.png Fedora Documentation
Writes documentation for Fedora
Echo-ambass-48px.png Fedora Ambassadors
Spreads Fedora around the globe
Echo-mktg-48px.png Fedora Marketing
Promotes the usage and support of Fedora worldwide
Echo-bug-48px.png Fedora Bug Triage
Aids developers and users in fixing bugs
Echo-testing-48px.png Fedora Quality Assurance
Prevents and fixes bugs for a better Fedora
Echo-dirserv-48px.png 389 Directory Server
Provides an enterprise-class LDAP server for Fedora
Echo-infra-48px.png Fedora Infrastructure
Provides servers, tools and utilities for the Fedora Project
Echo-planet-48px.png Planet Fedora
Displays blogs of Fedora contributors
Echo-websites-48px.png Fedora Websites
Designs and builds Fedora Project websites
Echo-art-48px.png Fedora Artwork
Designs themes, icons, and other Fedora designs
Echo-l10n-48px.png Fedora L10N
Brings everything around Fedora to local communities
Echo-i18n-48px.png Fedora I18N
Supports the localization of Fedora
Echo-gaming-48px.png Fedora Games
Games and fun things available with Fedora
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Echo-calendar-48px.png Fedora Events
Events of the Fedora community
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