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Jain Basil Aliyas


  • Fedora Account: Jainbasil

About Me

I am a Student doing B Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering from a prestigious institution, Govt. Engineering Collge, Thrissur, Kerala,India.I have been using GNU/Linux for about past 5 years starting from Red Hat Linux 7.2 and now into development for GNU/Linux; mainly KDE 4.As a good user of Gnu/Linux Operating System, I prefer Fedora both in terms of development and common day to day usage. Also, I am a proud member of Free Software Users Group, Thrissur, and perform talk sessions for Free Software events.

Freedom changed me alot

Although I have been using Gnu/Linux for a couple of years, I never knew the policies or freedom related to Free Software. As I came in touch with the community( through FOSS meets at different centers throughout the state; to say FSFS, Trivandrum was the last) I started to admire Free Software.Since then, I started working for its promotion, usage and providing technocal support.The fact was that I never knew the relevance of the Softwares I have been using till then.My Professor gave me a copy of Fedora 10 asking me to work for it and after the first usage of Fedora, I just wanted to suggest this for everyone. I was looking for a medium for the same.My talk in a Programme conducted by Free Software Users' Group, Thrissur was the first venue where I spoke about Fedora.As a Fedora Ambassador, I want to promote this amazing Distribution through various channels( mainly Technical Events) which are available for me and I hope that FSUG, Thrissur will provide me a great support to achieve my goals

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