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Jake Shipton
Jake Shipton
Personal information
Location: Lincolnshire, England
Birthday: 11th July 1991
GPG key: E3C31D8F
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IRC: JakeMS, CrazyLinuxNerd on
#centos, #centos-social, #fedora, #fedora-bugzappers
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Twitter: @CrazyLinuxNerd
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Fedora-specific information
FAS name: jakems
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About Me

I'm a laid back guy, who tends to be quite jokey and somewhat sarcastic at times. Generally I try
to be the one who makes a bad situation turn into either a funny situation or less bad situation.

While I may be laid back, I can get very stressed at times, however I handle my stress well.. at least
I think I do. I usually do not show when I am stressed and prefer to keep myself in a good mood. Typically
when I am stressed I do not let people know, usually my stress is from running my own company.

For the last two years I have run my own company called Eternal Goth, which is a company dealing with Gothic
and Alternative clothing and accessories. As such may not always be available. However I try to make time
where-ever possible for various open source projects.

Inside my company I am currently the only IT guy so all IT related tasks fall on my head, which is good
because it means I get to work on the website (code), configure the servers and maintain them, and overall
ensure the IT Infrastructure is actually secure and configured correctly unlike many common infrastructures
out there. Oh, one other thing I refuse to allow the company to use any non opensource software. As such, the
company uses Libreoffice instead of Microsoft office, and GNU/Linux instead of Windows.

Outside of work I tend to do, well, more work as I am a workaholic I do not like having nothing to

My personal interests are primarily technology related, my dream would be to have my own datacenter
with millions of servers, all under the complete control of one man, me.. so I can then use all that
power in my evil plan to take over the world and kill all of mankind! *Insert Evil Laugh Here*

I have a wide range of skills as I have always found myself thinking it is better to do something myself
than ask someone else to do it, my skills involve website development, server management, hardware assembly
and modification, networking and various required GNU/Linux skills such as bash scripting, command line usage
and RPM package creation/modification.

My primary weak points would have to be graphic design and anything related Microsoft Windows/Apple Mac due to
the fact I have not used either in years.

My Roles in Fedora

Currently, my only role is a Fedora Bugzapper.

Security and Verification Information

Typically all emails which are sent by me will be signed with a GPG Key I have listed known
valid GPG Keys you will find me signing my mails with below:

From Personal Email Addresses:

 GPG Key: 0xE3C31D8F
 GPG Fingerprint: 7515 CC63 19BD 06F9 400A DE8A 1D0B A5CF E3C3 1D8F

From Work Email Addresses:

 GPG Key: 0xF918AD12
 GPG Fingerprint: 263C D5EA BB39 C67A A323 DB4F 68C9 2028 F918 AD12