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Jake Shipton
Personal information
Location: Lincolnshire, England
Birthday: 11th July 1991
GPG key: E3C31D8F
Contact information
IRC: JakeMS, CrazyLinuxNerd on
#centos, #centos-social, #fedora, #fedora-bugzappers​
Twitter: @CrazyLinuxNerd

Fedora-specific information
FAS name: jakems
Fedora e-mail:
Fedora homepage:

About Me

Generally a laid back guy, who tends to be quite jokey and somewhat sarcastic at times.

My Roles in Fedora

Currently, my only role is a Fedora Bugzapper.

Security and Verification Information

Typically all emails which are sent by me will be signed with a GPG Key I have listed known
valid GPG Keys you will find me signing my mails with below:

From Personal Email Addresses:

 GPG Key: 0xE3C31D8F
 GPG Fingerprint: 7515 CC63 19BD 06F9 400A DE8A 1D0B A5CF E3C3 1D8F

From Work Email Addresses:

 GPG Key: 0xF918AD12
 GPG Fingerprint: 263C D5EA BB39 C67A A323 DB4F 68C9 2028 F918 AD12