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Hesam Esfahlani
Hesam Esfahlani
Personal Information
Birthday: January 13, 1986
Home: Tehran, Iran
Fedora-specific Information
FAS-Name: Jazire
Miscellaneous Information
private Mail:
GPG-Key: 2B643A06
IRC: hesam on Freenode in
#fedora-java, #fedora-perl
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My name is Hesam Esfahlani. I’m a Java Software Engineer, Cyber-Security Researcher, Free Software & Free Internet Supporter, and Linux fans. I'm programming since I was 11. These days, I focus more on educating others and transferring my knowledge to others. I am very pleased to be able to help others in computer sciences and share what I know. My recent project is a decentralized mesh education network. In recent years, I've been doing research on concepts like Decentralize App, Cryptography, Mesh Networks, and Blockchain-Based Distributed Computing platforms. I'm used to working with the most secure systems, I don't trust Microsoft, Apple, and Google in any way, as well as WiFi networks. Encrypt all documents with GPG. I believe in open, free, and uncensored network and communication.

  • Java Software Engineer
  • fedora Contributor
  • Raspberry Pi interpreter
  • cyber-security Researcher
  • Decentralized App and Mesh Network fan!
  • Mountain Climber
  • Portrait Photographer

Education Background

  • Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation (APU / APIIT)
    • Bachelor's Degree; Software Engineering
    • Associate IT; Apply Computing


Computer Programming:

  • Java Development
    • Advanced Java
    • Java Second Edition
    • Java Enterprise Edition
    • Java Networking (Socket Programming)
    • JavaServer Pages (JSP)
    • Java Servlets
    • Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB)
    • Java Message Service (JMS)
    • Java Database Connectivity (JDBC)
  • PHP Development
  • MySQL
  • Perl

Computer Networking:

  • Computer Network based on Microsoft Server
    • Domain and Workgroup
    • Domain Controller (Active Directory)
    • DHCP
    • DNS
    • Internet Information Service (Web Server)
  • Computer Network based on Linux Server
    • Apache Web Server
    • Apache Tomcat (Tomcat Server)
    • MySQL Database
    • SAMBA
    • Glassfish
    • Rygel DLNA server (Fedora Media Server)
  • Network Security
    • Hacking client and Server
    • Software and Hardware Firewalls
    • Cyber Security


  • Blockchain Development
  • Security in Blockchain
  • BitCoin and Ethereum Mining
  • BitCoin, Ethereum, Monero, GRIN, Stelar and many other Cryptocurrencies

General Lifestyle Skills:

  • Open Source Technology and Free Internet Supporter
    • Linux fan.
    • Fedora Project member.
    • Cyber Security Researcher
    • GNU Privacy Guard (GPG)
    • The Onion Routers (TOR Project)
    • OnionLand Citizen
    • I2P Anonymous Network
    • Decentralized websites (ZeroNet)
    • RiseUp Community Member
    • Cryptography
  • Member of the Climbing Federation
  • Portrait Photography
  • Private Pilot Student
    • Solo Pilot
    • Virtual Airline Pilot
  • Blogger
    • Podcaster
    • Online Radio
    • Online Feeder


Other Info

You can just visit my website, download my resume or even read my blog. If you are Iranian or know farsi, follow my podcast. I will teach you some Linux tricks and anonymity on Internet.


I'm allways online on Keybase and Twitter. Please feel free to drop a line to say hi or for any inquiry ;)

  • Email:
  • Web:
  • Twitter: @jazire
  • Keybace: @hesam
  • GPG key: 2B643A06

Books that I Recommend

Programming Skills:

  • Learning Perl, 7th Edition [MUST Read]
  • Bash Pocket Reference, 2nd Edition [MUST Have]
  • Java Programming, 9th Edition
  • Starting Out with Java: From Control Structures through Data Structures (4th Edition)
  • Beginning EJB in Java EE 8, 3rd Edition
  • Java Network Programming, 4th Edition
  • Java APIs, Extensions and Libraries, 2nd Edition
  • Machine Learning in Java

Computer Networking:

  • TCPIP - TCP IP Analysis And Troubleshooting [Wiley 2003]
  • Wireshark Network Security 2015. by Piyush Verma

SysAdmin Skills:

  • Practical Linux Security Cookbook, 2nd Edition 2018, by Tajinder Kalsi

Cyber-Security Skills:

  • Security Engineering, 2nd Edition. by Ross Anderson
  • The Art of Invisibility 2017. by Kevin Mitnick [MUST Read]
  • Hacking: The Art of Exploitation, 2nd Edition. by Jon Erickson [MUST Read]
  • Protect Your Privacy 2015. by James Eldredge
  • Social Engineering - The Art of Human Hacking 2011. by Christopher Hadnagy
  • Penetration Testing with the Bash shell. by Keith Makan