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Renaming AWOL Proposal



Problem Space

The term AWOL (Absent Without Official Leave) is viewed by many as a bit hostile toward maintainers. This is something we would like to avoid in the Fedora project where possible.

Solution Overview

I propose we rename AWOL to MIA (Missing in Action). This term more accurately describes the situation and increases the friendliness.


All the wiki pages that reference AWOL would need a change to say MIA instead, as well as the pages themselves will need to be renamed.

Active Ingredients

is the main page that describes the policy. This page is what will need to be renamed, and have a lot of content changed.

Sub Component

Here is a list of pages that currently reference AWOL that should be changed. Found by a full text search.

  • The page that will describe the automated MIA detection/processing, should it be approved.

Discussion Points

Not much to discuss, other than the validity of the term MIA rather than AWOL.

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