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Template for creating proposals Proposal



Problem Space

There currently is no formal way to propose things to FESCo. Often things are brought up without a lot of necessary information making it harder for FESCo to make decisions and adds frustration to those making proposals.

Proposed Solution

A wiki template should be provided for folks to fill in the blanks when creating FESCo proposals. This will hopefully ensure that all the pertinent information is provided in an easily digestible format.


This proposal would include editing FESCo wiki pages providing information regarding creating new proposals, and directing folks there when they bring up topics on mailing lists.

Active Ingredients

The active ingredient is the template itself:

<!-- This is the FESCo proposal template.  It is not necessary that you use this template
<!-- but it is encouraged that you do.  It will help FESCo focus on the issue being addressed
<!-- and the parts that need discussion, as well as identify the scope of the proposal.

= Topic Proposal =

= Overview =

== Problem Space ==
<!-- Describe the problem this proposal seeks to solve

== Solution Overview ==
<!-- Describe in brief the solution proposed

== Scope ==
<!-- Describe the scope of what all things will be effected by the proposal

== Active Ingredients ==
<!-- Optional, describe the main action of the proposal

=== Sub Component ===
<!-- Describe how other components will be effected by the active ingredient.

= Discussion Points =
<!-- Describe things which should be discussed regarding the proposal.  Specifics that need narrowing down, or contentions parts of the proposal.

== Comments ? ==
<!-- A section provided for comments

<!-- Be sure to remove the Category below.

Discussion Points

  • What all do we ask for in the template
  • Where do we document the template and it's use

Comments ?