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What have I done ?

The Fedora Wiki has a lot of content : it exists since 16:24, 24 May 2008 ! But a lot of content is old and there is a global lack of structure/gardening.

My biggest problem is to clean L10N pages, but it was difficult to have a comprehension of what links where because of badly written links.

I decided to clean almost all external links pointing to wiki to internal links.

I talked with Wikipedia administrators (thank you Saper) who suggested me to use this Python bot

Pywikibot configuration

1. Get lated git version of pybox :

2. Create """""" in folder pywikibot/families/ with this content :

# -*- coding: utf-8  -*-
"""Family module for Fedora wiki."""
# (C) Pywikibot team, 2016
# Distributed under the terms of the MIT license.

from pywikibot import family

# The project wiki of the Fedora Project
class Family(family.SingleSiteFamily):

    """Family class for Fedora Project wiki."""

    name = 'fedora'
    domain = ''
    code = 'en'

    def protocol(self, code):
        """Return https as the protocol for this family."""
        return "https"

3. go to scripts folder and add i18n content :

git clone

Replace external link to internal link

When you are using a wiki and want to link to an other wiki page, we should use wiki links and not full URL. mediawiki's link documentation

For example : should be Lohit fonts

Why is it important ? To use this features :

Detect errors

Extract the full list :

Then build a text file with each page name (each page name should be written that way : [[page name]], I used libreoffice to do that).

Command lines / regex

The command line is pretty easy (I use a txt file with list of pages) :

python -file:pages.txt -regex -summary:"internal link cleaning" -regex "PART ONE" "PART TWO"

Step 0 : clean badly written links mixing internal and external [[ text ]]

"\[\[http(s|)://fed([^\]]+)\]\]" "[https://fed\2]"

Step 1 : convert external links that have alternative text (example: [ Low German])

"\[https://fedoraproject\.org/wiki/([^] ]*?) ([^]]+)\]" "[[\1|\2]]"

Step 2 : convert normal external links (example: [])

"\[https://fedoraproject\.org/wiki/([^] ]*?)\]" "[[\1]]"

Step 3 : convert minimalist external links (example:

"https://fedoraproject\.org/wiki/([^ \r\n]+)" "[[\1]]"

Obvious use-case : migration to pagure

Only for i18n 488 links use old trac instance

To clean it, we can use this regex :

"https://fedorahosted\.org/i18n/ticket/([^ \r\n\.:]+)" "\1"

Language template cleanup

Correct usage :

  • Page L10N is the main page, it as this template {{autolang|base=yes}. This creates a template LANG/L10N with an automatic list of translated language.
    • Page L10N/fr is the french translation, it has {{autolang}}

Detect errors

$ python3 -search -namespace:template -titleregex:"(/zh_TW|/zh_HK|/zh_CN|/yo|/wba|/ur|/uk|/tw|/tr|/tg|/te|/ta|/sv|/sr/sr@latin|/sq|/sk|/sl|/si|/ru|/ro|/pt_br|/pt|/pl|/pa|/or|/no/nb/nn|/nl|/ne|/nds|/ms|/mr|/mn|/ml|/mk|/mai|/lt|/lv|/ky|/kw/kw-GB/kw-uccor/kw-ucrcor/kw-kkcor|/ko|/kn|/kk|/km|/ka|/ja|/it|/is|/id|/ia|/hu|/hi|/he|/gu|/gn|/gl|/ga|/fr|/fi|/fa|/eu|/et|/es|/eo|/en_GB|/el|/de|/da|/cy|/cs|/ca|/bs|/brx|/br|/bo|/bn_IN|/bn|/bg|/bal|/ast|/as|/ar)+$"
What do you want to search for? Lang

Solve errors

python -file:templates.txt -regex -summary:"lang template cleanup" "{{autolang\|base=yes}}" "{{autolang}}"

Then, how to cleanup useless templates :

Search in """Special:UnusedTemplates""" for templates starting with Lang and ending with /LANGUAGE_CODE