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Personal Info

Name: Derek P. Moore

Location/Timezone: Central (Kansas City, MO)

Active Member of Fedora for: (years)

Fedora Interests: consistency, usability, high performance, high availability

Hours per week promised: 2 ideal hours (~4 real hours)


Programming Languages: C++, bash, PHP, Perl, JavaScript, Java, C#, C, Python

Certifications: very old Sun Certified Solaris :)

How long using Fedora: since Red Hat 5.2 (~1998, when 5.x became stable)

How long using Linux: since Slackware 3.0 (~1995)

Do you have a full time job working on or with Linux: yes

Do you have a full time job doing development: yes

Technology Specialties: systems integration programming, CTI/IVR/VUI, server administration

Other notable experiences and skills: network routing, IPsec, grammar definitions, protocols & state machines

Current Access

What access do you currently have in Fedora? just an occasionally-used bugzilla account

What personal resources do you have that could be of use? my skillz