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Verify tcp_wrappers are not mandatory in the system


Make sure your favorite software that could be using tcp_wrappers is installed, for example dovecot or openldap

rpm -q dovecot openldap

How to test

  1. Check if tcp_wrappers is not installed: rpm -q tcp_wrappers
  2. Check that tcp_wrappers-devel can not be installed: dnf install tcp_wrappers-devel
  3. Query repository for a list of packages, that still link against tcp_wrappers: dnf repoquery --whatrequires ''|grep x86_64

Expected Results

  1. Step #1 should return non-zero exit code and a message package tcp_wrappers is not installed (unless you do not have a fresh machine or you installed the package manually before)
  2. Step #2 should fail -- No match for argument: tcp_wrappers-devel or similar message
  3. Step #3 should not return anything (assuming all the bugs mentioned in the Comment #10 of a bug #1495181 were fixed)


If you still see some of the packages directly depending on, first check unresolved dependent bugs before opening a new one. Also check the updates-testing repository.