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Kernel dump for QA.. .

Assemble QA kernel task team to address this

Task: Find out which docs exist

Task: See to those docs are up2date..

Task: Does that include proper documentation for tester pretty sure it does not so...

Task: Create a step by step directions for testers

Stock future testers doc split..

Beginner: No system modification Advanced: Kernel parameters compiling remove patches etc. Expert: Debugging ( gdb kdb printf working with ooops etc.. )

When doc is ready check the test list for any testers that will want a part of the Kernel Testers Team ( KTT )?

Which leads to we will need to train testers.

Task: Create a kernel test team that works with the kernel team on day to day bases..

Task: Hold classes on Fedora-classroom

Worst case scenario..

If we dont already have enough people wanting to become a part of KTT advertise for testers on da interweb...

Task: Find out what and if we can automate anything for the kernel team