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My real name is jose and im 13 years old,im from panama and i study in La Salle College First time i used linux was December,2007 on a friend pc with ubuntu since that day i liked it so much that i putted ubuntu into my pc,some weeks later i was investigating about the linux distributions and i saw 4 distributions that where debian , FreeBsd , Ubuntu and fedora, i downloaded that 4 distribution into live cd version but i just liked one and that one is Fedora cause i think its the faster one , and also the one that got even no bugs and i loved it also in that time my pc was like bad cause it just haved 256 mb ram and 20 gb of hd but it runned like a 1 gb ram pc well this is the end and this is why i use Fedora so i think this is my history with fedora.



== Activities With Fedora ==