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Jovan Spasojevic



Postal adress:


IRC: U can find me on with nick jovans, #fedora-mktg; #fedora-art; #fedora-Websites; #fedora-de

ICQ: Also available "176954909"

More Info

Age: 25

Language: German, Serbian, English (See why we should not use flags )

Location: Frankfurt am Main , GERMANY

GPG : 0xFEED480D

to import my gpg-key:

$ gpg --keyserver --recv-key 0xFEED480D

I am involved in

Member : Fedora WebGroup , Fedora Ambassadors , Fedora Artwork , Fedora Marketing

About me

Hello my name is Jovan Spasojevic. I live in Germany / Frankfurt at the Main. Last I was active as a businessman for office communication. I deal with Linux for more then 10 years. I was involved in different Open Source projects, however, mostly in the background. Since FC1 I am enthusiastically from the distribution and the big, worldwide Community. I always had the feeling that Fedora is the right Distribuiton for me. My wish was always to be taken part it in the Fedora Project. Now I have resolved to take part actively in it, because of the Fedora Project.

My mascot:


What i'm doing currently

  • discussion and help, if possible on IRC nick: jovans

past activities, Projects and Events

  • at this point none

Current activities or Projects

  • Practical Linux 2007
  • I was 6 Month in a hospital now i am Back felling ok and looking around for the current Status of the fedoraproject.

Activities or Projects planned for Future

  • none at this Point