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Jim Perrin
Jim Perrin
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FAS-Name: jperrin
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GPG-Key: FA09AD77
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#centos, #centos-devel, #centos-social, #rhel, #epel (and others)
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I've been running Linux systems since 1999, moved to using Red Hat Linux in 2000, and have been involved with the CentOS project since 2004. I've worked as a consultant for defense contractors and in the oil and gas industry, where I managed large scale deployment, automation, and systems integration. I will frequently run a variety of Linux distributions and other operating systems in order to try to stay as current as possible with other methods for solving problems we all face when building and running something as complex as a modern Linux distribution.

I joined Red Hat in August of 2014, and in 2016 I became the manager of the CentOS Engineering team. My focus is on pushing community technology and making sure that my team has everything needed to be successful in what they do.