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Juan Camilo Prada

Contact info

  • Email: [[MailTo(jprada AT fedoraproject DOT com)]
  • IRC: juank_prada (freenode)
  • Location: Bucaramanga, Colombia
  • Blog: [1]
  • GPG key: A8C58EC1
  • Fedora Account: jprada

Member of

  • Fedora Ambassadors
  • Fedora Websites
  • Fedora Bugs Group
  • Fedora Marketing Group

Additional info

I'm a Systems Engineer, a fedora enthusiastic currently looking for the RHCE certification. I usually spend my free time testing FOSS applications. I'm trying to develop some simple, yet useful applications for new fedora users (and new linux users in general) Due to some issues with schedules I've not been able to help anymore with the websites team but im still here waiting for a chance to get back and help making Fedora the best proyect and OS ever.