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Jose Roberto Mercado Gonzalez

Computer Systems Engineer Undergraduate from De La Salle University at Leon, Mexico. Open Software enthusiast and "Intense" Fedora Power User since 2003 and still rocking with it.

Proud member of the Software Development Team of my Institute. My activities are Software Designer, Project Manager and Software Developer.

  • In Software Design I generally use worflows, DB E-R and Basic UML diagrams.
  • For Project Management I coordinate teams using PSP as a working methodology and EPF as a planning tool.
  • Finally, for Software Developer I'm specialized in Java, C# and PHP.

Thanks a lot in advance for those who took their time to read this brief information about me.


Activities within Fedora

  • Decided to be involved with the Fedora Project in order to spread the word within my colleagues and power users like me towards this astounding GNU/Linux Distro, the Fedora project.
  • Applied for Fedora Ambassador Project because I can talk fairly fluent in Spanish (Natal language) and English. I'm very capable to spread ideas and concepts with ease and concise fashion, pragmatic and independent but with capabilites to work with short teams in which I could lead or coordinate when common cause is acknowledged.

Ambassador Course of Action

  • Recommend in high regard the usage of Fedora within my colleagues and Power Users at my college and work.
  • Create events at college in order to promote the use of Fedora with Local and National Success Cases.
  • Participate with the local Linux groups at my State to promote Fedora.
  • "Evangelize" with my personal example.