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Jonathan M. Scharff II

I am currently a Computer Science student at Stevens Institute of Technology. I am very interested in helping out fedora since it has been the one distro that I have been able to use and get help on when I had issues. I will be graduating in 2010 and cannot wait to get into some real programming, I am also a technology blogger (although I am on and off with when I post) and you can visit the site at .


Activities within Fedora

  • Fedora Ambassador Project
  • Test Group
  • Fedora Logos
  • One of my goals is to spred the linux use of Fedora throughout my campus. Most people try to stay away from linux because it has a bad rep for being a hard Operating System to use. I would like to hold some events to get people interested in linux and maybe set up a linux group so that people can get help and ask questions.