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John Unland


I am a college student working on a BS in Computer Information Systems at my University in Texas. I'm fairly new to the community and open source I have known and used open source / Linux for about a year and a half. You can find me in the IRC as junland. I personally strive to help small businesses and there IT infrastrucutre with open source software / operating systems (My University research work reflects that).

My Interests

Server Operating Systems

Embedded Hardware and Software

Server Hardware

Open Source Software


Basic-Level Java Programming

Moderate-Level C# Java Programming

Basic-Level Linux Usage (It's improving every day!)

Basic-Level UML Diagramming

Personal Projects

Buildroot (Embedded Linux Toolchain)

Yocto Project (Embedded Linux Toolchain)

Linux Small Business Server (University Research Project)

Ongoing SIG Contributions

Fedora Server