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Kalfie: Ka Alfaro

Ka Alfaro

Currently I'm a student of Computing Science in the Universidad de Costa Rica. I'm also an assistant for the Department Of IT in Escuela de Ciencias de la Computación e Informática Universidad de Costa Rica, for that reason I'm a little involved with the Open Source Community in the university. I started with the Fedora project recently, after I was part of a small conference given by the Nicaraguan Ambassador of Fedora.

Contact Data


  • Location: San José, Costa Rica
  • Languages: Spanish (mother tongue), English (second language).
  • Nationality: Costarican

Fedora Contributor


Activities within Fedora

  • Latin American Ambassador of Costa Rica.
  • Planning event for the Fedora 16 release this november.
  • Stand of information in the "Introduction Day" of the new students of the dorms of Universidad de Costa Rica.

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