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Aswin Babu

Lover of Linux, participant in Google Summer of Code 2017

I blog here - Blog
Some of my code exists here GitHub


I am a lover of Linux, computer and all things tech. I started using Linux around 11 years ago on a Fedora Core 1 machine, since then there was no turning back. My weekends are usually spend tinkering around with Linux (there is always something that needs working upon :D ) and using the shell. I started automating my tasks using bash scripts, but then found Python. I have a lot to learn, and hopefully that process is never going to stop. I am so excited to be part of this program and hope I can continue contribute to Fedora even if I am not chosen for GSoC. I'm currently a student at College of Engineering, Trivandrum majoring in Computer Applications. Some of my code can be found in GitHub

Major stuff I'm working on now

  • Migrating Plinth to Fedora


  • IRC: theunixfreak on freenode
  • Email: