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Chan, Kwun Hok

I am KH, staying in Singapore.

I have started using GNU/Linux since 1999, at that time it was Redhat 7.0. Throughout the years, I have tried many different distros including Mandrake (now Mandriva), SuSE/openSuSE, Ubuntu and of course Fedora. Seeing Linux mature day by day, release after release, I believe open source is the future. Lets work together and bring this world towards freedom.

Free your mind, free yourself!



  • kwunhok AT gmail DOT com
  • khk AT fedoraproject DOT org

GPG key

pub   1024D/38E9E747 2008-09-23 [expires: 2012-01-05]
      Key fingerprint = E0C2 15F8 B14B 18A9 26EB  F2A7 9D7A C9DF 38E9 E747
uid                  Chan, Kwun Hok (KH) <>

Activities within Fedora

  • Fedora Ambassador

I am looking to contribute to more projects :)