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Name: Gerardo Rosales

Email: grosale86 AT gmail DOT com

Location: San José, Costa Rica

College Degree: Electrical engineering student.

Language: Spanish, English

IRC: rosalege

About me

My first contact with GNU/Linux was when I was taking an IT essentials certification(2002). I must admit that it didn't catch me the first time that I saw it.

Later on when I was working in IT support I had a case in which I was advised to try Linux to check if I that helped me to solve the issue... It did actually, after that I wanted to learn more about it.

I started with Ubuntu(Gutsy Gibbon)while I was taking some Linux certifications (basics, shell, servers) I wanted to try different Linux distributions until I reach Archlinux(KDE DE) which was my main distro for a long time and thanks to it I learned how the system works.

I moved on to Fedora because I needed a distribution in which I can focus on my work without spending much time configuring the system, up to date and stable packages and also a community to be part of.


  • freelancer: setup networks and configuring systems, mainly windows systems, but I also offer Open Source/ Free Software solutions to my customers.
  • Resolver: at Fujitsu GDC.


  • Books.
  • Coffee.
  • IT and particularly Linux, Python, Networking.
  • Math

Me and the Fedora Project

  • Translator for the L10N team [Spanish].
  • Promote Fedora and GNU/Linux.
  • Collaborate with the KDE-SIG.
  • Learn!