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Francois Trachez

I'm a french system engineer in an IT service company.

I'm currently living in Lyon (France).

Realisations in the FOSS community


I've been using Fedora since Fedora Core 7. Since 2 years, I've been an active member in the [[Category:French_team[French|community]]].

I manage the [Fedora|Lyon] Project. What we do is gather the Fedoristas who live in Lyon and have diner every 3 weeks, and more if the night goes on.

Under pressure (and guidance) from [[User:Bochecha[Mathieu|Bridon]]], I became a Fedora [[Ambassadors[Ambassador|in November 2010]]].


I participate in the organization of several [[Category:Events_in_France[events|in France]]].


  • e-mail: kiko (at) fedoraproject (dot} org
  • IRC: kiko on Freenode