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An under-graduate Computer Science Engineering student. Presently based in Cochin,Kerala,India.

More About Me

I am a firm believer in Free Software Movement. I don't want to be just a user. I want to contribute back. I am advocating Free Software Since my 10th std. I feel glad that many of my friends have switched to GNU/Linux OSes,Gimp and other free Software as the result of my advocacy. I am Student coordinator of Free Software Community in my college. I had been Campus Ambassador and latter Promoter, SELF-workshop of Spoken-Tutorial Project, IIT-Bombay ( I have organized many workshop on LibreOffice, GNU/Linux, PHP&MySQl etc with the help of Course-ware provided by the project for the staffs and students of my college and few other colleges.


Personal Information

Kumar Vimal


  • English
  • Hindi

IRC: kvl

Mail: kumarvimal at fedoraproject dot org

FAS: kumarvimal

Twitter/ kumarvimal