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my notes from attending the Git talk fudcon11:

git for dummies by dummies presented by Paul Frields

 yum install git-all

git-config program is deprecated

git config --global 'Susan Lauber'
  • writes out to .gitconfig
  • I missed Paul's list of other global settings as a minimum

Get a copy of a repo

  • make a directory for your copy then clone the repo
git clone ssh://
  • uses the .git subdir to hold objects, logs, info, branches, refs, and more
  • .git/hooks include scripts
  • .git/branches are low overhead, easy, very useful
  • .git/HEAD points to tip of history

..missing stuff.. while checking gpg fingerprints...

useful git commands:

  • status
  • diff and diff --cached (from the "mob teaches Paul" series)
  • add
  • commit and commit -a

during commit edit msg

  • first line,keep it short (summery and email subject)
  • skip a line then type a longer log (details and email body)

git commit is just committing to local repo git push actually pushes up

git-format-patch to generate a patch file

reverting: git reset

more recommended documentation: [Git Community Book]