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Currently studying CS&E (Computer Science & Engineering) at Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, located in Madrid, Spain.

I came into contact with Linux using a Spanish distribution called Guadalinex, funded by the government of Andalusia. At that time (around 2004), Linux support by hardware manufacturers was clearly lacking, but I was excited for what I saw and decided to move from Windows Vista to Fedora. I like the GNOME desktop environment and love what the GNOME team has done in GNOME Shell. In general, I am an avid open source user and even run my own Linux server, hosting my mail, websites, and occasionally some game servers.

Since I'm fluent in English and a native Spanish speaker, I contribute with translations for Fedora. I'm also currently exploring music production, and have a certain degree of graphical design skills I might be able to contribute with. I also have experience programming in Ruby (Ruby on Rails, to be exact), and I'm currently learning Rust, C/Objective-C/C++, Swift by myself and Pascal at my university.

You can find me on Telegram at [[1]], Threema at 3TPFS597, Wire at @liantr or GitHub at [[2]]. Here's my GPG key: [[3]].