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Fernando Henrique R Silva


Activities within Fedora

I'm a meteorologist and computer science student , and work developing opensource linux (python/gtk) software for my costumers.

My history with linux starts in 2000, with debian potato and conectiva linux 5 . I was an active ebuild developer for gentoo in PPC plataform, RPM packager for in house customization of SuSE 8.x . Between 2005 and 2008 I lead the development of Moobuntu, a multimedia customization of Ubuntu for Ministério da Cultura of Brazil , a work that 'inspired' the first released ubuntu studio DVD.

I use Fedora since Fedora Core 2. Implement networks and servers projects using Fedora and CentOS. I maintain a small RPM/YUM repository and wrote a few articles on blogs about the distribution.

Now I'm working on a project similar to OpenSUSE studio for Fedora. When done , it will generate custom spins directly from a web site.