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Activity Report for Contributors

About this document

This documents contain the guidelines for a general activity report to be used for contributors in order to track their tasks in the project.

How does it work?

Basically each contributor need to maintain an entry in his/her personal wiki (usually under User:johndoe/report) containing a table with some fields, which are going to be better described bellow:

Fields in a report

Field Description
Date The date when the activity happened, using the format YYYY-MM-DD. It will be used as reference to create statistics graphics about contributions of team.
City The city where the event took place (in case it is a event), otherwise where the contributor is currently living.
State State where the city mentioned in item above is in, using the two-letter format. It will help us to identify where we need to invest more efforts.
Activity This field holds usually the name of an event, however "Fedora Project" can be used for general activities (such as writing a document like this) or "FXX" for tasks performed during a given release (such as translating a new potfile, or changing a spec file).
Role This field describes the nature of activity performed by the contributor:
  • Ambassador - This role can be used for tasks such as representing the project in an event, presenting a keynote, talking to people at the booth, making some demonstration etc).
  • Packager - This role can be used for tasks like creation, maintenance, review or testing a new RPM package for Fedora.
  • Designer - This role can be used for artwork related tasks like creating art for banners, stickers, labels and so on.
  • Translator - This role can be used for i18n or l10n tasks, such as translating a potfile, a document, a page in Fedora wiki and so on.
  • Marketing - This role can be used for tasks to promote the project, such as posting in Social Networks (Twitter,, Facebook, Google+) or general blog posts about Fedora (make sure your blog is linked in Fedora Planet so other people can see your posts!)
  • Mentor - This role can be used for mentoring activities helping candidates to Ambassadors Project to follow the steps required to join the group.
  • Organizer - This role can be use for organization tasks such as events (Install fests, FADs, etc), local projects and so on.
Description As the name suggests, this field holds a description of the activity. It's important to invest some time here providing detailed information and specially external references so people can understand what has been done.

Activity example

Date City State Activity Role Description
2012-08-25 Sao Paulo SP Install Fest Organizer I took the opportunity of an invitation from a local University and organized a small install fest for their students. I also spoke for about 30 students about the project and distributed F17 DVDs. A posted on my blog a report about the install fest and some pictures I took. The slides I used are here
2013-04-29 Sao Paulo SP FooConf Ambassador I presented a talk about Fedora for an audience of 10 people and distributed F19 DVDs and stickers I had with me. Met some people interested to work in packaging and asked them to contact Itamar and one student is interested to contribute as Ambassador. A report of the event with pictures is available here and the slides I used are here
2013-06-01 Sao Paulo SP Technical FAD SP Translator During a FAD I worked in the translation of 3 potfiles from project foobar, to make them available in pt_BR in F19. For more information, please refer my profile in Transifex.
2013-06-01 Sao Paulo SP Technical FAD SP Packager I packaged foobar application which was not available for Fedora, and at this moment it is waiting for revision. For more information, please refer this Bugzilla.

Frequent asked questions

Is there any template to use?

Yes, and you can find it here. You can use "edit" or "view source" to see and copy the page structure.

How can I create my own activity report?

  1. Log in your FAS account.
  2. Replace the string "USERNAME" for your FAS username in and access it. You'll fall in an empty page, and it will be necessary creating it.
  3. Copy the page structure from the template, paste in the page you just created and save it.

How often I have to update it?

It would be good posting your activities quite after it happens, however if not possible try to post it until the end of the Quarter so it can be summarized.

Can I change the structure of this table, or add/remove new rows?!

Better no. The idea is use this structure to create reports about our activities and if something be changed in the template, the tool won't work.

Why I should consider maintaining a report like this?

Firstly to record your own activity in the project, as a kind of "changelog". Also, it can be very helpful for the team to understand where we need to focus our efforts and resources. If we'll be able to identify a possible problem, we can work to fix it.

How much efforts shall I expend on "Details" field?

Enough to explain the activity, don't forget to mention people involved, numbers and of course external links.