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Matthew "Lord Drachenblut" Williams

Good, Bad, Doesn't matter I'm the guy with the code

President of Indiana F/OSS Society and Lead organizer of Indiana LinuxFest


  • Email: lord dot drachenblut AT gmail dot com
  • IRC: LordDrachenblut #infonomicon, #gambas, #indianalinuxfest, #Fedora-Ambassadors, #oggcastplanet
  • Fedora Account: lorddrachenblut
  • Vanity Site | The Digital Dragons Lair

Activities within Fedora

Just getting started in the Fedora Community I have already been making some great friends. I hope to help spread the freedom of fedora to friends and fiends outside of this community.

Social Media Activity

Founded and Owner of Fedora Project Google Plus Page in 2011

FOSS Activities

Conference Organization

Organizing Indiana LinuxFest

Teaching and Documentation

Open Foss Training

Upcoming Goals

  • Having a FAD at Indiana LinuxFest
  • Join the Ambassador Program
  • Spread the Freedom of Kilts