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This test case validates that a module can be removed from the system.


To test this feature:

  1. Install a clean Fedora.
  2. Install one or several modules from the list of available modules. You can use the Install module test case as a prerequisite.

How to test

  1. Open a terminal session, either use terminal or a virtual console.
  2. List installed modules using dnf module list --installed and choose one of them to do the next step.
  3. Remove a module using dnf module remove <module>.
  4. List the enabled modules dnf module list --enabled.
  5. List the installed modules dnf module list --installed.
  6. Check that packages were really removed using rpm -qa <module>.
  7. If the removed module was an application or a service, try to run it.

Expected Results

The following requirements must be met:

  1. All commands must execute without errors.
  2. The removal command must remove the packages from the system.
  3. The removed module must not be listed in the --installed list.
  4. The removed module must still be listed in the --enabled list.
  5. rpm -qa <module> must not return any package.
  6. If the module was an application or a service, it should not attempt to start.


You can try to reset the module into its original state using dnf module reset <module>. In this case, the module should not appear in any lists, except dnf module list (--all).