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My name is Leslie and I am a father and grandfather. My experience in IT spans 55 years. As of 31 Dec 2013, I started vacation on a working retirement. Working in technology is what my skills are about.

In 2004, I became interested in Fedora through a friend. I was mesmerized and thrilled with Fedora Core. While I did look at other distributions, I never strayed from keeping Fedora number one.

My background is in system architecture for Banking, manufacturing, distribution, logistics and security (ERP, CRM, Encryption, and teaching. I have written quite a bit of code for each industry. I have also worked 12 years in hardware design.

My university degree is in pure and applied mathematics (circa 1964-1967- Bsc, 1970 Msc) and other courses including marketing, business administration and more.

I have designed hardware, software. I have been a project manager for many IT projects, I have written many blogs, manuals and several complex programs in C.

My interest is to contribute in a positive way to a) Q/A for some software, to writing user and support documentation and where possible, if nothing exists, to indicate a test suite for something that I can get my hands on.

The writing will be first. My free time is about one full day per week.