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Mahesh Bandara Wijerathna

I'm an Undergraduate From NIBM Sri lanka Proceeding in Stream Software Engineering. Been Experienced in FOSS since the age 11. Started involving in Open-Source Software development in 2010 and succeeded in many projects. I love to contribute for any FOSS project unconditionally.

At early stages i started developing programs for Microsoft Windows using Visual Basic 6.0 & later .Net. Soon after, i started using Ubuntu with unity and few months later i found out about Gnome. Since then i got an interest in developing Applications for Linux distributions. At that time i got in touch with Fedora & Gtk + has been much familiar after. Because of the best interest in Gtk+, i started contributing to Gnome. Also written many Commercial applications since the childhood.

As my opinion "Money does matter, but the Happiness of freedom we Experience, Freedom we provide also fills a huge part in life". I was amazed by seeing how selfless people are when they are contributing to projects like Fedora. That was my ticket into the FOSS world.

Developed Skills

Have most of the experience with C, C++, Gtk+, Java.
Very Good with Gtkmm, HTML, CSS, php, javascript, jQuery, Python.
Have considerable knowledge in Django, perl.

Have well developed knowledge in both rpm based & Debian based Linux distributions.

Really good in maintaining any type of web server & well experienced in virtualization.


  • Email: m4heshd[AT]gmail[DOT]com
  • IRC: m4heshd
  • Fedora Account: m4heshd