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A photo of Madeline smiling while eating icecream

About Madeline

Madeline is a UX Designer with Red Hat, Inc. who comes from an art school background - illustration, visual design, and communication, but is interested in the world of technology. She's interested in Star Wars, Greek Mythology, Animal Crossing, and Inkscape. She can be observed in the wild in the Greater Boston Area. Check out her personal art work at her website, which also has a blog that documents her work in Fedora and at Red Hat.

She has been a part of the Fedora Design team since May 2020, now leading discussions around the Fedora wallpapers for each release. Right now she's taking courses on Linkedin to further her knowledge in implementing website designs herself.

She's interested in continuing to make Fedora and open source areas like it welcoming for people of color, LGBT members, and women, especially as an LGBT woman herself.

Madeline is interested in hanging out with anyone who wants to share tips on Inkscape, Gimp and Blender as she's always trying to accumulate better and faster way to do things on there. She'll happily exchange her own for Inkscape and any visual design tips (icons, logos, themes etc.).

Check out to see her work on the coloring book EDA and the Three Dwarves!

What I'm Working On Now

Madeline is currently working on the Fedora 37 Wallpaper, other tickets too :)

My Badges

  Baby Badger  Community Messenger I  Rockin' & Rollin'  Secretary General  Speak Up!  Creative Freedom Summit 2023 Attendee  Called to Action  Embryo  Egg  Mugshot  Community Survey Taker 2022  Tadpole  Pixel Ninja  Meeting of the Minds