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Maíra Canal
Maíra Canal
Personal Information
Birthday: 7th, March, 2002.
Home: Vitória, Brazil Brazil.png
Fedora-specific Information
FAS-Name: mairacanal
Miscellaneous Information
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IRC: mairacanal on in
#fedora-devel, #fedora-workstation, #fedora-ambassadors, #fedora-kernel, #fedora-rust
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About Me

I’m a Computer Engineering BSc student at the São Carlos School of Engineering (EESC-USP). During my time at the university, I served as an Embedded Systems Monitor, and I'm currently developing a research paper to analyze the application of Embedded Linux in soft real-time applications.

Since October 2021, I have been an independent Linux Kernel Contributor working, primarily, on DRM (Direct Rendering Manager). Moreover, I'm an X.Org Foundation Contributor through the Google Summer of Code 2022 project.

I have been a passionate Fedora user since Fedora 34. I have been looking to get involved with the community through the Fedora Ambassadors project.

10 things about me

1. I'm a devoted Fedora fan (I love the community and the distro).

2. I had four denied patches before having my first patch approved on the Linux Kernel.

3. My favorite text editor is Vim.

4. I'm completed passionate about Computer Architecture and Operational Systems.

5. My favorite programming language is C++ (tied with C).

6. I'm currently learning Rust.

7. I don't like to code in Python and Java.

8. I really like to program in Assembly (especially, x86, ARM, and MIPS).

9. I was born on a small tropical island in Brazil, but I currently live in São Paulo.

10. I have a vinyl collection.