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Maíra Canal
Maíra Canal
Maíra Canal
Maíra Canal
Personal Information
Born: 7th, March, 2002. in
Home: Vitória, Brazil
Fedora-specific Information
FAS-Name: mairacanal
Miscellaneous Information
Private Mail:
IRC: mairacanal on Libera.Chat, in:
#fedora-arm, #fedora-workstation, #fedora-ambassadors, #fedora-kernel
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About Me

My interests in computing include free software, software engineering, systems development, operating systems, and compilers.

I started to play around with embedded systems in 2020 and since then, I never stopped. I fell in love with the Linux operating system and in 2021, I decided to start contributing to this exciting operating system. I contributed to a few open-source projects during my journey, but mostly to the Linux Kernel, especially the DRM subsystem.

I still enjoy working with embedded systems and like programming in Rust, C, and C++. Moreover, in my spare time, I enjoy programming old-school embedded systems in assembly. I’m familiar with the x86, ARM, and MIPS assembly.

I’m a Computer Engineering student at the São Carlos School of Engineering (EESC-USP). During my time at the university, I served as an Embedded Systems Monitor and developed a research paper to analyze the application of Embedded Linux in soft real-time applications.

Outside of computing, I enjoy listening to vinyl, playing board games, playing retro games, and traveling.

I have been a passionate Fedora user since Fedora 34. I have been looking to get involved with the community through the Fedora Ambassadors project.

Open-Source Work

Currently, I’m working on the Graphics development team at Igalia. Especially, I work with kernel development in the DRM subsystem.

I have contributed with more than 120 approved patches to the Linux Kernel in the regulator, SPI, media, IIO, mfd, and DRM subsystems. The DRM subsystem is the community which I’m most engaged with, where I also review patches and interact with other contributors on the mailing list. I have commit rights on the drm-misc tree and I have committed plenty of patches. Also, I’m one of the Virtual Kernel Mode Setting (VKMS) and V3D maintainers.

I maintain a couple of Fedora packages (especially, Rust packages) and help on Fedora QA test days. Moreover, I help with localization of many GNOME applications to Brazilian Portuguese.