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Mark Harris

About me: -University Student (mature aged). -Studying Environmental Management, including some cool stuff like Geographic Information Systems,statistical analysis, earth sciences, and social sciences. -Background in manufacturing. -Qualified for CAD drafting and mechanical design. -Experience in managing within an ISO9000 environment. -Enjoy tech and Freedom of choice. -Linux user for approx 2.5 - 3yrs (various flavors) new to Fedora but convinced that it is the Distro of choice (lovin the vibe)..


Activities within Fedora

What I would like to achieve as an Ambassador: -Make Linux (specifically Fedora) my tool of choice for completing my studies. -Learn more about Fedora and how to deploy in specific situations. -There after create an awareness of the viability/feasibility of using Fedora within my prospective industry. -Help and demonstrate to other students/Topic Coordinators how they can do the same. -Help people get the most out of their old hardware by introducing them to a world where the OS comes without bloat.