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Marcel Berlau

My name is Marcel Berlau I'm 31 years old and I live in the vicinity of Cologne / Germany in Roesrath close to the airport Cologne / Bonn.

For 10 years I was an airmen in the Luftwaffe and now I work since last August for an IT-Company in Cologne. I do system-integration.

Since December I'm responsible for everything about Linux here in Cologne for my Company and on the other hand I'm one of five guys for all the stuff about Xen.

Presently our customers use a lot of SLES environments but we think at the end of the year we are also able to present RHEL.

I personally use Linux for about 8 years now in the private. Starting with SUSE Linux 8.0 I switched quick to Red Hat Linux 9.0 after I bought an Red Hat Magazine at the store and I was fascinated about things working in RH but not in SUSE out-of-the-box.

So I stayed with RH but I was a little bit worried about the step to the community with Fedora. But since FC 3 I use Fedora as the main-system at home.

Also I always try to look beside Fedora with virtual machines of Debian,Ubuntu an other Linux flavors.

So why I want to become an ambassador? Because I want to give the Fedora community something back. I'm not very good in programming and maintaining packages but I hope as an ambassador I can help to show people outside of the official and unofficial forums and mailing-list that Fedora is an very good state of the art Linux, easy to use free and open-source and with a lot of ideas.


Activities within Fedora

My plan is to represent Fedora here in Cologne and around to various LUG's (Installing Parties for example) and if possible at different kind of activities.