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This page summarizes (somewhat incomprehensibly) Etienne Wenger's Communities of Practice framework and lists some Fedora-related work items that go under each.

joint enterprise

  • development of trust
    • top sponsors - stdev of number of mentees
  • support identity presentation
  • negotiated enterprise
  • mutual accountability
    • turnover of ownership of packages, etc.
    • percentage of un-owned things, average un-owned time
  • local response
    • geo distribution of responses to questions from various geos
  • rhythms
    • release cycle slippages, regularity
    • weekly meetings held, how long they run for (both meeting length and how many meetings), does the meeting chair stay consistent
  • interpretations

shared repertoire

  • stories
    • analyze IRC, planet
  • artefacts and tools
    • see Duke study
    • frequency of use of most common tools, demographics of use and contribution to common tools
  • styles and actions
  • discourses
  • concepts
  • historical events
  • longevity in online communities

mutual engagement

  • engaged diversity
  • relationships
  • social complexity
  • community maintenance
  • doing things together
    • IRC: how many messages have someone else's nicks in them?
  • IT skills
  • confidence in IT use
  • access to hw/sw
    • who's using what resources
    • are these resources being used to capacity
  • VLE - access to synchronous discussion
  • technical support

activities engaged in

  • Problem solving
  • Requests for information
  • Seeking experience
  • Reusing assets
  • Coordination and synergy
  • Discussing developments
  • Documentation projects
  • Visits
  • Mapping knowledge and identifying gaps