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  • conversation with Mafe Mago, who used to teach professors in the Philippines how to contribute to open source projects and, incidentally, has materials for that she'd like to share in case they're useful for future adaptation. TOS WIN. Will be following up to make said materials available.
  • doublecheck that POSSE's fine
    • every single speaker notified
    • VMs issue repinged
    • all swag vendors re-contacted on pricing/timing (mngh followup consumes surprising quantities of cycles)
    • press plan repinged
    • ignoring local supplies/etc. arrangements because we (read: Greg) can Do Them Later
    • brand meeting followed-up on. (I had calendar fail and came 20m late to what ended up being a very short 20m meeting. Thanks for the save, Greg.)
  • shared Karsten's cookbook with the other interns. We'll see how they respond.
  • ADP timesaver registration schtuffs (yay.)
  • Category:Community_Architecture has content now.


  • learn how to do expense reports (hooray)
    • (belated) expense reports for intern orientation
    • July travel settled
    • expense reports for Mo lunch
    • sadly, this took most of the afternoon, due to dependencies on getting hooked up to printers, travel agencies, etc...
  • tour through websites (j.fp.o) tasklist, meetingpings, work
  • a few POSSE emails back-n'-forth confirming guests (and the existence of a RH education strategy, for that matter)
  • RH intern <--> CommArch goodness
  • ran out of typing bandwidth; notebook has braindumps on websites for tomorrow, and article for Brand, but need to transcribe tomorrow morning
  • behind on email once again


  • websites meeting with Jack and Mo and Steven
    • transcribed premeeting notes
    • transcribed meeting notes and sent to attendees; Jack has the ball on pushing these live
    • introduced Jack to Adam (social media, RH intern), Sean (press, SL marketing guru)
  • check in on edu sig
  • New Manpower Win: Codex and AndyG are uni students who were assigned to spend the next 4-6 weeks on something Sugar-dev-related but were dismayed to find that SoaS (which they'd planned to do) was already done. A half-hour on IRC later, they are now spending all of that time making Sebastian the POSSE Fedora spin, packaging Sugar development tools into Fedora, etc. The amount of packaging on my plate has suddenly vanished. Sebastian has minions. Everyone is happy!
  • Local Outreach Win: dwalsh and flanagan already excited about edu and planning on doing outreach for local HS students around Westford. Convo with Dan about this, "here's what we're doing" overview, sent them resources, potential place to assist growth later if they ask for help. Yay!
  • revisit Adam Braxton thoughts on social media strategies
  • couple more POSSE emails. more comprehensive pass tomorrow pre-meeting.


  • POSSE reminder emails for everyone.
  • Similarly, website task reminder emails. I <3 quicktext.
  • POSSE books arrived! Thank-you email sent to Marsee, arranging signings with Karl Fogel...
  • POSSE chat
  • check-in with Max
  • in talking with Tarun on the Westford shuttle, discovered that he's done extensive work on social media consulting and... should be talking with a number of people within RH trying to figure that out. Made introductions.
  • packaging 101
    • thanks to sebastian (and ian) for incidental ass-kicking on this
  • Brand post draft. Must... release earlier and more often. Perfect == good.enemy().
  • zomg NECC!


  • some NECC emails
  • websites meeting