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NECC. Notes coming.


NECC. Notes coming.


  • POSSE meeting
  • email
    • email
    • email
    • email
  • Extended (and wonderful!) Karl/Winnie/Leonard/Sumana OSS-in-edu (and OSS and edu and barriers to entry and sci-fi and falafel and keyboards and life) conversations. Also, POSSE books now have 3 signatures and multiple project starting places.
  • decompression
  • decided that yeah, actually, I should take Monday (after the CommArch call) off, so tomorrow I'll be making sure that things are set such that I can do that (see reprioritized list, yay)


Goal for today: ensure that if I do nothing between Friday evening and Tuesday morning, Everything Will Be All Right.

  • finish NECC blogging
  • NECC email followups with contacts
  • file NECC expenses
  • post POSSE logs
  • update POSSE todo
  • do all my POSSE todos


I will be COMPLETELY UNPRODUCTIVE. If you see me doing work, KNOCK ME UNCONSCIOUS. I should seriously rest (and see the fireworks and play music and stuff).