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  • CommArch call
  • ...a lot of small tasks I should have been better about keeping track of
  • flew to San Fransisco.


  • ran marketing meeting
  • lunch with Bryan Mason and Lana Akamine. This "value proposition" concept is a fascinating one, and it is very interesting to learn to think this way - I've never really been exposed to people who do that before! Still percolating, trying to make sense of things.
  • POSSE wiki page overhaul - see and behold the ready-to-face-the-public glory.
  • figuring out how to see Karsten tomorrow


  • holy cow email has arrived.
  • In N Out Burger Consumption


  • marketing meeting followup (60-90m mostly on mailing lists)
  • POSSE recalculations, again (numbers changing rapidly as we approach the date)
  • marketing meeting followup)
  • work on Cookbook with Karsten
  • Websites work (Mark is getting restless, in a good way :)