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Outstanding questions

  • What, exactly, will the next 3 POSSEs be? (Singapore, design, tech writing?)
  • When, exactly, am I going to Raleigh?


  • POSSE survey finalized and out to the world.
  • Map out content-generation tasks that Marketing needs to do to support Websites redesign.
  • mktg mtg prep
  • get zikula instance up on publictest6
  • mktg-zikula specs and FI-zikula specs from all teams to logistics
  • emails to all engredu folks

might get done tomorrow

  • ping OSS/edu folks in DC; make plans for 4 months there
  • internal education strategy docs


  • 3 next POSSEs list and wikipages
  • POSSE artice draft for Educause Quarterly
  • POSSE experience report draft for SIGCSE
  • mktg mtg


  • TOS textbook chapter (also: a good excuse to go over what I've learned this summer)
  • Followup with Mark Howson on RHA list and tech-specs meeting



If there's free time

  • Catch up with inode0 on Campus Ambassadors
  • Catch up with ke4qqq on zikula
  • Set up smw test case system for Fedora QA's SoaS test day