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(partial list, more keeping track of what I have to do than what I've done)


  • meeting about Life Labs meeting with Greg Elin from UCP; POSSE Accessibility?
  • FUDCon meeting with Paul (and prep for that)
  • finalize travel details for the next 2 months, esp. edu trip to Midwest
  • followup, followup, followup, followup and email


  • Fedora print magazine call with Rikki Kite
  • Fedora Marketing meeting followup
  • POSSE Singapore meeting on IRC with APAC folks (deferred)
  • CUE talk proposal
  • k12 open minds talk proposal
  • POSSE survey, get it out already!


  • Fedora Marketing sprint
  • FUDCon followup
  • turn edu strategy into tickets