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The project IRC (Internet Relay Chat) channel is located in #fedora-diversity[?] on . The channel is used for project planning and coordination as well as support for the Fedora community.

Channel Rules

The #fedora-diversity channel guidelines include the rules laid out in the Fedora CoC, Fedora Channel FAQ as well as the freenode server network policy and freenode channel guidelines. This project also has rules specific to the channel.

Setting User Modes

For additional privacy or protection on IRC you can require approval before receiving private messages (PM).

To require approval before anyone can PM you, set your user mode to +g.

   /umode +g <nick>

To require approval from unregistered users only, set your user mode to +R.

   /umode +R <nick>
User Modes
Not all IRC networks have the same user modes available and some irc clients like weechat do not give users notifications about PMs with these user modes turned on.

Communicating with Channel Operators

Sometimes you need to speak with a channel operator (OP) about an issue in channel. To get a list of OPs you can run the following command in your IRC client:

   /msg chanserv access #fedora-diversity list

Then you can send a PM to a channel OP. Normally it is polite to ask someone in channel if it is ok to PM them, but in emergency cases it is ok to reach out to someone without asking first. To send a pm to "example-nick" do:

   /msg example-nick type a message

Channel Bots

IRC bots are simple automated systems that monitor channels and respond to commands that are prefixed with a character. An example would be .hello sent to the channel.

  • zodbot uses dot prefix (.), more information on Zodbot page
  • fedbot uses at prefix (@), more information on Fedbot page

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